Covering the Basics

Lost? Don’t know where to start? English students facing difficulty may need to develop certain skills with an English tutor. English tutoring can help develop foundational skills; for all levels of students all the way to the HSC English exam.Developing a sound foundation in English prepares students to practically implement what they learn.

This is the driving intent of providing English tutoring to students. We aim to prepare them not only for school and the HSC, but to prepare them for life.

Examples of our english skills being used in the real world include:

  • Academic writing
  • Deconstructing questions
  • Analysing literarture
  • Writing in a business context
  • Public speaking and presentations
  • Apply their critical thinking skills


Ensuring students aim to exceed the requirements of the English curriculum, we offer an enriching and challenging breadth of texts that students can connect with, understand and enjoy.This variety in texts helps meet a great many preferences and levels of understanding. Explanations are needed only when students are truly challenged resulting in a natural and fruitful progression. Moreover this means students are given the opportunity to enjoy literature; that is they actually want to continue to learn and ask for more.

Texts are made up of mainstream texts already covered within schools to reinforce the student’s understanding of existing texts; supporting in-class learning and understanding. New and engaging texts are also introduced, where appropriate, to ensure students are provided with variety to enrich their learning experience. The One-On-One sessions provide students with an added level of flexibility and the opportunity to select their own texts of personal interest that fosters personal growth.


The NAPLAN tests can be quiet difficult as they are quite naturally designed to challenge the students and separate them out into their respective performance bands. For the Year 7 & 9 students, we can offer a specific class focus on the facets of English the NAPLAN tests including

  • Reading;
  • Numeracy
  • Language Conventions; and
  • Writing tests.

Our down-to-earth approach backed up by our experience and expertise means students are provided with a unique, rigorous and helpful learning experience through the often-daunting NAPLAN tests.

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