HSC English Tuition in Guildford, Merrylands and the Granville Area

Experienced English tutoring in the Guildford, Merrylands and Granville Area

The final hurdle of your schooling career stands before you, but are you prepared for the HSC English course? Have you considered getting assistance from an experienced HSC tutor in Ballina?

The qualified English tutors at Academia Literaria are here to complement your school learning and help you improve your essay writing skills. Based in Ballina, we proudly help students get the most out of their English course and do the best they can in the exam.

How our English tutors can help you get on the front foot

The HSC English exam consists of a paper one and paper two. It seems simple enough, with three 40 minute sections making up each paper. If you’re confident enough to write outstanding responses for each, then it pretty much is as simple as it seems, and since HSC English is the only compulsory subject, doing well is not an option – it’s an imperative.

If however, you’re not quite at that level yet or you’re just outright struggling with the HSC English course, our tutors are primed to be at your side every step of the way. Whether you need assistance with the basics or require a more advanced level of tuition, we can tailor your English tutoring sessions to meet your needs and proudly service the western suburbs of Sydney.

Target Areas

With your HSC English tutor, you will explore texts in a small, nurturing classroom so you understand your texts first and foremost. We cover various areas to ensure you can take your understanding of texts to the next level and compose a lucid response to an essay question, including:

Textual Analysis:

  1. Major Textual Themes
  2. Characterisation
  3. Techniques

Essay Planning:

  1. Deconstructing HSC questions
  2. Knowing which parts of the text are most relevant to the question
  3. Shaping your knowledge of the texts into effective and timely answers
  4. Practice with past HSC questions and model responses

Creative Writing:

  1. Plot
  2. Narrative scaffolding
  3. Creative writing strategies

Adopting a modern approach to HSC English tuition

HSC Tuition Sydney<br /><br /><br /><br />  & HSC Tutoring Sydney

The HSC English tutors at Academia Literaria adopt a fresh and invigorating approach to learning. We fuse tried and true teaching methods with captivating ways of exploring texts that breathe fresh air into the once mundane domain of study. We enable this unique, modern student experience through role-playing, presentations, the internet and modern media. Students yearning to be engaged by the HSC English course will definitely find what they’re looking for from our HSC English tutoring.

For any queries about HSC English tutoring in the western suburbs of Sydney, please contact Academia Literaria today.

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