Creative Writing

How many creative writing pieces can you say you have written? Honestly??

The importance of knowing how to write a good HSC creative writing piece can not be stressed enough. It makes up 15 marks of your HSC English examinations. The trouble is, most English students show blank faces when asked if they have prepared for Section 2 of Paper 1 and alot of the time they struggle in producing a story that skillfully connects with the Belonging Area of Study.

Many creative writing pieces drive home an evocative, enduring point. They make a bold statement or a establish a strong critique. Consider different ways of creating a meaningful, unique exploration of belonging that will entrall your reader/marker. A lot of the times irony is used to deliver a message.

A good Belonging hsc creative writing piece requires more than just the skills of writing. Among a host of other things, it requires the techniques to identify aspects of belonging to thread into your English creative writing piece. So if you’re in dire need of help with creative writing or just want to brush up writing skills to maximise your HSC mark, you simply can’t miss out on our classes. Academia Literaria are English tutoring specialists located in the heart of the Parramatta CBD, Sydney. We offer a unique English tuition service that focus on developing your creative writing skills.

Paper 1: ‘Discovery’ Area Of Study

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