Extended Response

It’s all about your analysis…

This is the first time within the English exams where your essay skills are being tested with the assessment criteria requiring you to:

‘organise, develop and express ideas using language appropriate to audience, purpose and context’

So apart from getting the structure, sophistication and flow of your essay right, you also have to ensure that you’re analysing your chosen texts so as to support your argument/thesis in answering the question. That means correctly focsuing on the relevant techniques within your texts, one of which may be Oxymorons:

If essay writing is a weakness of yours, then Section 3 – Extended Response will definitely be a hurdle. Academia Literaria can provide the resources, advice and practice to help develop your essay writing skills, so you can aim for that Band 6 in this section. A band six is potentially achievable for every student. As the Sydney English Tutoring experts, we can help you achieve it.

Paper 1: ‘Discovery’ Area Of Study

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