Module A – Comparative Study of Texts and Context

Module A is a comparative study focused on the concept of contextualisation.

A comprehensive understanding of the social, historical and cultural contexts of both texts are pivotal. You need to show the HSC English markers how these have impacted composers, the content, the different perspectives and your own reception of the texts.

Assessment Criteria

Apart from possesing a deep understanding of both the textual content and the context of the two texts, an appreciation of the assessment crietria is also extremely important. When practising for this module, remember to address all the assessment criteria that markers go by:

  • demonstrate understanding of the meanings of a pair of texts when considered together
  • evaluate the relationships between texts and contexts
  • organise, develop and express ideas using language appropriate to audience, purpose and form

If you you’re having difficulty in answerering the question by addressing these points, we can help you along the way to better understand and mould your responses through a fully supportive english tutoring program.

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