Module B – Close Study of Text

Textuality is the main focus here, which is the main parts of text that make it different and how you perceive this distinctiveness.

You need to consider many aspects of the text that make it unique and make up its textuality. These parts of the text include its form, style, language, charecterisations, themes, etc.

Assessment Criteria

When covering how your perceive the different parts of the text to make a unique representation of the text, make sure you remember to address all the assessment criteria that markers go by:

  • demonstrate understanding of a text’s distinctive qualities and how these shape meaning
  • organise, develop and express ideas using language appropriate to audience, purpose and form

In essence, this question is asking you what it is about a certain text that makes it so striking, distinctive and powerful. You will need to lead this idea with solid analysis of the techniques, form, structure and alike used in Owen’s poetry throughout your essay. In doing so, you should be able to synthesize a response that aptly answers the question. Academia Literaria specialize in English tuition in Sydney and provide you with unrivaled support with our expert English tutoring service.

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