Wilfred Owen Poems

‘He sat in a wheeled chair waiting for dark,…/Now, he will spend a few sick years in institutes’(‘Disabled’:1/40)

Remembering that in this module we’re concentrating on Textuality and our Perception of it, we need to focus on the main theme of War that permeates all of Owen’s poetry. Owen’s shapes the form and structure of his poetry to routinely reflect the horror and malaise of war, which is expanded through his setting, language and themes. To fully grasp these different components, the following questions can be examined:

  • Do you know Owen’s contextual background in relation to WWI?
  • What are the ideas Owen explores through the theme of War; how are these reflected through the titles of the poems?
  • How does Owen use language to convey his ideas?
  • What other ideas in relation to War does Owen explore and critique?

You really need to get right into the poetry to analyse it meaning line by line as well as a more broader reading of the stanzas. Academia Literara English tutoring experts in Sydney that can provide you with the hands on support you need if you need that helping hand.

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