Module B – Critical Study of Texts

Module B is really about your own critical interpretation along side an evaluation of textual integrity

If you study English literature at university, you look at critical theory and the academic interpretations and essays of leading scholars on an author or text. In other words, you look at expert opinions about what the text and author are trying to say and also make your own judgement about the text.

Luckily you don’t need to go into such detail in the HSC English course because HSC English is all about your interpretation. Whilst you may come across critical interpretations of a text that may even help you during your English tutoring classes, it is ultimately how you understood your text that matters in your Module B: Critical Study of Texts essay.

Textual integrity is the second main concept you need to understand and explore in your essay. It’s basically the text’s ability to remain relevant regardless of how old it is. During your English tuition lessons, you will come across the reasons why a text that is literally hundreds of years old is still read in classrooms today and most importantly, why?

Assessment Criteria

Keeping these two main points in mind, just make sure you prepare your essay according to the assessment criteria that markers go by:

  • demonstrate an informed understanding of the ideas expressed in the text
  • evaluate the text’s language, content and construction
  • organise, develop and express ideas using language appropriate to audience, purpose and form

Many Advanced HSC English students find Module B to be the most difficult especially with critically analysing a text at the detail required. If you need some guidance on approaching the Module B essay, we can surely lend a helping hand as we’re specialists in English tutoring Sydney.

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